Interior Rendering DIY Guidance:- Your Knowledge Base!

Now that each of these details is clear be sure to implement it appropriately. However, if you are not very confident in yourself, then hand it over to experienced render painting contractors serving in your area. Their experience and availability of all the necessary tools of the trade will ensure the treatment is done correctly and promptly without any damages.

Transform the Look of Your Home Interiors with Textured Render Finish

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When it comes to renovating a home, most homeowners focus on revamping the house exteriors to enhance the visual aesthetics and often fail to consider the worn-out interior finish. While exterior setups and transformation can uplift the market value of your property, dull and gloomy interiors can leave a negative remark on guests visiting your house for the first time. If you are planning to give a complete makeover to your home, interior render finishes should be given equal importance as it impacts the overall ambience of your property and gives you a positive vibe every time you step inside your home.

Have you ever thought of the hidden secret behind attractive interior walls? It’s actually the textured render finish that transforms your interior walls and brings life to space. To know what rendering is in particular read through the lines below in detail. 

Rendering is a mixture of cement, lime and water that is applied usually on brick walls to give a smooth finishing touch. If solid rendering is done before applying paint on walls, you can even get the flawless paint job you have ever imagined. However, the choice of render finish depends upon individual requirements and other factors. 

How Textured Render Finish Can Bring Lasting Effects on Your Walls

If you have made up your mind to give a stellar makeover to your living space, these undermentioned reasons will compel you to opt for textured render finish instantly.

    • Improve Aesthetics: Rendering is a proven technique to uplift the look of your home. A coat of smooth render can hide all imperfections in walls easily. Even if cracks develop while applying render, they can be re-rendered effectively. However, with time, bricks become shabby and paint begins to fall off. A coat of textured render finish can bring back the aesthetics and texture of your walls like new.

  • Prevent Damp: If you overlook interior rendering while renovating your home, it can invite a lot of potential damages. Unpainted brick walls allow water to penetrate that eventually causes damp and cracks in walls. It becomes prominent, especially during the rainy season when water seeps into the walls and damage the structural integrity of your property. If you are looking for a textured rendered finish, consult the experts providing professional home rendering for flawless results.

  • Provides Insulation: A coat of fresh render improves thermal regulation inside the house and save your pocket from costly insulation. If you have a stringent budget, it’s better to opt for thermal insulation with rendering other than going for costly exterior insulation. If your property is too old, you can easily go for rendering after every two years to revive its strength.

Choosing textured render finish for your home interiors is a great idea to transform the look and feel of the space along with increasing the value of your property. For further tips on house rendering, keep following our post.

Is Solid Plastering the Best Way to Make a Home Soundproof?

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Is an aspiring vocalist or a guitarist your next door neighbour? Is your neighbour hard of hearing, and has to run the television or radio a bit too loud? Is your next door neighbour a bit more social and organizes noisy BBQ parties at their backyard a bit too often? Have you got a quarrelsome couple staying the other side of your address? Is one of your neighbour’s dog shouts a bit too often at the middle of the night?

If yes, then it’s high time you need to take some action to stop all the noises of your neighbourhood from sneaking into your house. And you can do so without telling your neighbours to mind the sound they are responsible for. How can you do so? Solid plastering is the best answer to these questions.

How solid plastering helps walls to be soundproof?

In case you have a terraced or a semi-terraced home, then too much noisy neighbours might pose a problem to your life. You might be exposed to every sound – loud or low that they produce while they lead their lives. And when they rant each other, all hell breaks loose for you, and that’s very much understandable. 

Hence, the only way to get rid of this menace is to stop all these sounds from piercing your senses. And in your endeavour to do so, you need a soundproof wall, and for that, solid plastering is imperative.

However, do plastered walls really stop sound? Let us see.

The plaster acts like a soundproof layer

When it comes to stopping sounds from passing through walls, a perfect solid plastering by a Brisbane company plays a vital role. In fact, materials used in solid plastering do block out every noise by a considerable extent, making the walls almost sound proof.

In other words, you will find that the noises that were deafening before you have had the walls plastered have become almost ignorable after the plastering.  However, for that, the plastering has to be perfect and must be done by the best professionals in the business. 

The other advantages of solid plastering

Along with the fact that solid plastering provides a soundproof edge to the wall, it also offers specific added advantages.

  • You do not need any extra space, and hence you do not need to compromise with your living area
  • You can easily install insulation pretty fast and without any hassle whatsoever
  • It is cost effective and therefore, will comfortably fit in your coffer

And, naturally, the extent of advantages that you enjoy will vary with the expertise of the professional Brisbane renderers you engage.

If these are the practical advantages that solid plastering gives you, there are certain aesthetic advantages as well.

  • It keeps the room warm during winters by retaining the heat
  • It smoothens the walls and keep them cleaner and makes the walls even
  • You find it easier to decorate the walls and thus, helps in value addition of your property
  • It is cost-effective, and therefore do not drill a hole in your pocket

So go for solid rendering and enjoy the advantages it has to offer for your home.